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Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Sep 16, 2012 — Jan 6, 2013

Throughout his 50-year career, Ken Price’s works remained innovative, evading categorization and redefining sculpture. The artist’s unique fusion of form and color established him as one of the outstanding postwar American artists. Price, who worked in clay, is best known for his series of molten-like slumps he began in the late 1990s. The artist applied multiple layers of bright acrylic paints to his abstract shapes and then used wet sandpaper to sand down the surface, revealing amazing color combinations.

Curator Stephanie Barron has presented the exhibition in reverse chronological order. The show begins with the splendid installation of Price’s sculptures of the last decade and traces his practice back to the start of his career in 1959. Designed by the artist’s longtime architect friend Frank Gehry, the exhibition comprises more than 100 sculptures and 11 small paintings.

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