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Gustav Klimt: The Magic of Line

J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center

Jul 3 — Sep 23, 2012

Gustav Klimt is the most famous Austrian artist, whose ornate paintings featuring brightly colored geometric patterns and applied gold leaf gained worldwide recognition. Klimt was also a gifted and prolific draftsman (4,000 of his drawings survive) and used to draw almost daily, working mostly with female models. One of the most prominent figures of Modernism, Klimt was a co-founder and first president of the Vienna Secession, an organization formed by a group of artists who broke away from the conservative art scene in Vienna in 1897.

To mark the 150th anniversary of Klimt’s birth, the Getty mounts Gustav Klimt: The Magic of Line, a loan exhibition featuring more than 100 drawings, many of which have never been shown in North America. Organized by Vienna’s Albertina Museum, this is the first major survey to focus on Klimt’s drawings. The retrospective traces the artist’s evolution from his early style of Historicism, through Symbolism and culminates with Klimt’s increasingly personal style later in life.

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