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A Strange and Fearful Interest: Death, Mourning, and Memory in the American Civil War

Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

Oct 13, 2012 — Jan 14, 2013

The exhibition features more than 200 images from the Library’s monumental trove of Civil war photographs. Exhibition focal points include the battlefront, particularly the Battle of Antietam—the bloodiest and costliest single day of combat in American history; the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the nationwide mourning that ensued, and the subsequent execution of the conspirators; and the establishment of Gettysburg National Monument as a site of reconciliation and remembrance. Items are displayed to privilege aesthetic and intellectual connections over strict chronological ones.

A Strange and Fearful Interest is complemented by a companion exhibition, A Just Cause: Voices of the American Civil War, a compelling display of approximately 80 manuscripts and rare printed works from the period in the West Hall of the Library (on view Sep 22, 2012 — Jan 7, 2013). Both exhibitions are drawn exclusively from The Huntington’s extensive Civil War holdings.

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